Say It Right In Brazilian Portuguese Lessons

Jojos Olimpicos

Say It Right in Brazilian Portuguese makes mastering correct Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation simple. With Say It Right you’ll learn how to use hundreds of Brazilian Portuguese words and phrases in everyday conversation. Because of the effectiveness of the EPLS pronunciation system, a completely new of way of learning to speak a new language has been developed which essentially teaches you how to speak through sound, object association and assimilation.

The Say It Right SIR POD Icons below are part of the revolutionary Say It Right in Brazilian Portuguese POD program. The Green “Getting Started” SIR POD provides an overview of the program. The Purple SIR POD provides Essential Words and Phrases, Introductions, Common Expressions, PhraseMakers and Key Words including audio in a beautiful e-book format. The Orange SIR POD is your GYLO or “Get Your Language On” review and test yourself portion of the program. The Blue SIR POD indicates podcasts that are available both on this website and iTunes. Listen to SIR Phrase Girl, SIR Travel Girl and SIR Phrase Kid for valuable information on culture, language and important travel tips! So, Click On…


I Getting Started : I Say It Right : phrase girl
e-Book : I Say It Right : phrase girl
Quiz Pod : I Say It Right : phrase girl
SIR Podcast : I Say It Right : phrase girl
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The 2016 Olympics in Brazil is the perfect time to Get Your Language On! Pick up a Say It Right in Brazilian Portuguese phrasebook at Learn more than 500 essential Brazilian Portuguese words and phrases. Easily create sentences using “PhraseMakers”. Get quick reference to more than 500 word pronunciations in the Say It Right travel dictionary.

Be sure to check your membership for more Brazilian Portuguese lesson pods and important information going forward to this epic Olympic event playing out on a most beautiful Brazilian canvas!


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