March 27, 2014


– One phonetic system for all languages
– Immediate recognition
– Avoids first language interference
– Isolates and provides correct sounds
– Enables assimilation
– Eases apprehension
– Consistent

Start today with the NO. 1 system that gets you up and speaking a new language in 10 minutes.

– One phonetic system for all languages. The same basic EPLS Vowel Symbol System is used in all EPLS language products. You don’t have to learn a new method of pronunciation as you move to a new language. Other books present sentences and phonetic equivalents; however, the phonetics is not simple and can still be left to varied interpretation of pronunciation.

– Immediate recognition of what traveler says by a Native Speaker (NS), building confidence in what you say being understood by the (NS)

-Avoids first language interference (English sounds that Native Speakers won’t recognize) by providing a consistent symbol system! Below is a blog underlying the fears that are realized by a foreign language student when faced with the reality of speaking a new language.

Blog By Amy Mason, French Teacher
 Warren Township High School, IL

When asked why they are taking a foreign language class, a lot of students will tell you that they want to learn to speak another language. Yet, for many of them, speaking is one of the least comfortable parts of the class. They are happy to listen, read, and write but are shy about speaking out loud. And you can imagine their panic when they hear that they will have to take a speaking test!

– Enables assimilation by helping the non-speaker to associate sounds of Native Speaker language, which eases apprehension about communicating in the target language.




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Clyde E. Peters - Author of Say It Right phrasebooks!

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