April 8, 2014


Say it Right philosophy is “Pronunciation is Everything”.  Say it Right language products’ simple and straightforward approach to speaking and acquiring a new language are unmatched in the educational, travel and world theaters. Say it Right provides a consistency in pronunciation so that the user has a much higher chance of pronouncing the sounds, as the Native Speaker would understand them.

Traditionally, language courses and books have treated language pronunciation as a secondary learning skill. EPLS Vowel Symbol system provides a new way to pronounce foreign languages easily and accurately through the use of a modified English alphabet. This revolutionary system provides maximum communication with minimum effort and time.

Anyone who has ever stumbled trough a phrase book trying to communicate in a foreign language will appreciate Say it Right. It is difficult to pronounce a foreign language when you’ve never seen that combination of letters before. EPLS (Easily Pronounced Language Systems Say it Right series provides a basic phonetic system which allows the user to correctly pronounce all vowel sounds.

the Author

Clyde E. Peters - Author of Say It Right phrasebooks!

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